Why your company
should take the pledge

Wage equity is everyone’s responsibility

The equal pay movement is focused on how women are compensated. However, there are also other kinds of pay discrimination. Once we individually understand how this happens we’re better equipped to close the pay gap in our communities.

Level the playing field by making pay fairness a priority

Most of us agree with the core definition of wage equity: employees should be paid the same if they are doing work of equal value. When assessing “work of equal value” between roles, make a commitment to look at skills, effort, and responsibility rather than traditional gender stereotypes.

Equal pay doesn’t cost as much as you think

When employees feel like pay is unfair it can lead to low morale and high turnover. When companies properly value and compensate workers, this increases retention and performance and workers feel respected like their employers care about pay equity.

Ready For

Please note this pledge must be taken by the CEO, executive director, or head of human resources/people and culture (or equivalent) of the pledging company. You can determine who is the best fit to attend the workshops and complete the work, however, it is important that the commitment comes from those with the relevant decision-making power.